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Never have there been so many views on nutrition, and the hottest dietary topic is carbohydrate.


Is low-carb eating the latest diet fad or the future for reducing obesity and increasing wellbeing?


The simple aims of this live webinar event are to update your nutrition knowledge and know-how and your opinion on low-carb diets. All in simple language and without food industry sponsorship.


Whether you are a dietitian, nutritionist, doctor, fitness professional, health advocate or consumer, satisfy your curiosity with a ticket to this special live event.

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Why you should attend

Informative Sessions

Matt O'Neill

Weight Management


Pennie Taylor

Personalised Nutrition


Tim Crowe

Evidence & Research



Low-carb diets – Fad or future? (15 minutes)

by Matt O’Neill

  • The popularity of low-carb diets – Why it’s buzzing on social media
  • Definitions of a low-carb diet – How many grams of carbohydrate?
  • Current guidelines on carbohydrate – What health organisations say
  • Research highlights – The latest studies on low-carb diets
  • Should I go low-carb? – Key questions everyone should ask


Carbs in practice – What you need to know (30 minutes)

by Pennie Taylor

  • Obesity and metabolic disorders - Where do low-carb diets fit?
  • What a low-carb diet looks like – Macronutrients, foods and meals
  • Nutritional adequacy - Nutrients of risk, health impacts and management
  • Potential side effects – How low-carb diets may affect appetite and mood
  • Best candidate clients – Matching clients to low-carb and client experiences


Carbs in perspective – What else matters in your diet (30 minutes)

by Time Crowe

  • Nutrition confusion – Why can’t the experts agree?
  • What are the healthiest foods? – Your go-to shopping list
  • Paleo, Mediterranean – What is the best diet for diabetes?
  • Eating to age well – What do the longest living people eat?
  • Personalised nutrition – The future of dietary advice


Speaker Q&A (15 minutes)

  • Matt, Pennie and Tim will answer additional questions and discuss low-carb topics that are posted by webinar attendees and appear on social media.
  • The speakers will also quiz each other on their presentations, perspectives and their predictions about low-carb diets being a fad or the future.

Matt O’Neill

BSpSc, MSc(Nut&Diet), APD, AN

Director, SmartShape Centre for Weight Management


Matt is passionate about nutrition advice that evokes change. He directs SmartShape’s programs and resources that inspire health professionals to make a difference with every interaction. As an Accredited Practising Dietitian he knows the science, and as a marketer, he knows dietary trends and how consumers think and behave.


Matt has been the nutritionist for the Australian Consumers’ Association, weight loss coach for Men’s Health Magazine (Australia) and a TV regular providing nutrition and dietary advice for over 20 years. His weight management program, Metabolic Jumpstart has attracted over 24,000 participants.

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Learn more about Matt at


Pennie Taylor

BHlthSc, MNutDiet, PhD Candidate


Pennie is also a private practitioner with over 10 years’ experience and is the founding director of EvolvME, a multi-disciplinary weight management clinic that delivers supervised lower carbohydrate dietary patterns to a range of clients. Her PhD is investigating strategies to optimise glucose variability, appetite responses and feeding behaviour in type 2 diabetics using a low carbohydrate dietary pattern.

 Pennie also works with CSIRO as a senior research dietitian supporting dietary trials that investigate dietary composition on health outcomes, including very low carbohydrate diets.

Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn


Learn more about Pennie at

Assoc. Prof. Tim Crowe

BSc(Hons), MNutrDiet, PhD

Deakin University, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Tim is an Associate Professor in Nutrition at Deakin University and an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian. He teaches and researches in the areas of nutritional physiology and biochemistry as well as the applied role of nutrition in disease prevention and management, particularly obesity, diabetes and cancer.


Tim has an active media profile together with a growing social media following through his blog Thinking Nutrition, which provides the public with important nutrition messages in easy to understand language.

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Learn more about Tim at

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Live 11am - 12.30pm (90 mins)

Thursday 23rd February

Sydney, Australia time (AEDT)

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Wow, what a webinar! To get immediate access, simply purchase a ticket for the recorded package & follow the instructions to download the recorded value package straight away. Easy!

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